1) What are your hours?
To meet those who come for the first time, to see samples of our work or sign the contract, we are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Shifts for the photo shoot will be Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to photography packages 36 and 50 photos and 24 photo packages will be at 4:00 pm. In all cases, the time of completion of the work is determined by the photography package, agility quinceañera and other variables that do not depend on us.
For the selection of the photos will be from Tuesday to Friday and in different shifts. This will be determined in correspondence with the availability we have on our schedule and with the potential customer.
For delivery of the work completed, the customer can go to our study Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

2) What is your address?
You can find us in Calzada de Güines #8201 Altos e/ 2da y 3era. Reparto Dolores (One block from the White Horse). San Miguel del Padrón. La Habana. Cuba

3) How I can communicate with the study?
You can call the following telephone number: (+53) 7 691-0926

4) Can I communicate directly with the studio owner?
Yes. E-mail: icalas77@gmail.com. By mobile phone (+53) 5 283-7827

5) How long before I do the contract?
You can make the contract up to six months in advance. Note that in advance how much less you have, the less chance that the day you want to be available in the calendar. It is better that you hire enough time to choose within the calendar, a date that fits your schedule. On the other hand, if you need to make the pictures and our agenda have dates available for the time you want, you can sign a contract with us, even with a few days in advance.

6) How many quinceañeras portray a day?
We can portray more than one per day. But in all cases there is a photographer and a stylist for each quinceañera throughout the photo shoot. A team of professionals in charge of that stay like a star.

7) The entire photo shoot done in a day?
Usually yes. Only when weather conditions do not allow it, let’s photos outside for another day.

8) How long will it take me to my photos?
Work usually takes about 24 photos 3 to 4 hours. 36 photos work about 5 to 6 hours. And the work of 50 photos of 7 to 8 hours … these are approximate times, some girls end up before and others that take a little longer.

9) What time I delivered my work done?
Delivery time usually varies between 45 and 60 days. At the time the job is ready for delivery, we communicate with family members who are responsible for collecting such work.

10) If my stay in Cuba is less than the delivery time of my photos, is there any option to collect before normal delivery time?
We have a choice of urgency, with a cost of 40 additional CUC supply. In these cases the editor overtime work and work digitally, counting from made the selection of photos will be in about 5 days. The rest of the work can be completed in 20 to 25 days. Some contracts may take longer this time, as in the case of the magazine, the canvas and acrylic or 3D covers.

11) What should my family to get my work done?
In order to collect your job, your family should be presented in our study stipulated times and days with your copy of the contract. If you have any debt to us, it is essential to full payment of the same to deliver the photos.

12) How many photos taken me that day?
Photographer will always take many more photos than your contracts, with the aim that at the time of selection, have options to choose the best. For each change of clothing or costume, you have various positions and in each several shots.

13) Can I choose my photos?
Sure, you can choose from all the photos that you do. You can select photos for your Fotobook, your music or your magazine, in correspondence with the contract you make. You will also have the opportunity to decide which want to photo enlargements, whether costume or street clothes. You have to keep in mind that at the time of selection we’ll be advising, with the aim of choose the photos with better quality.

14) On the album with photos all photos will you do?
In the photo album hired van pictures you hired, not all are made. The pictures you choose for your album before entregársete edited and these are the ones you get on this CD.

15) How would a normal working day?
It goes at 8:00 am and the tour to be held is decided. costumes are then selected and while he makes the first hair and makeup to the quinceañera, the parents must pay the remaining money of the contract, with the secretary. the pictures are made in the study and after completion of this part of the work, he stops for a snack or lunch. Then, the photo shoot is done outdoors. When finished, the photographer must return to the studio to return the accessories used in exterior. Sometimes it may happen that the order travel and study are reversed.

16) Should I bring snacks or lunch and water?
It is advisable to do so, because it will be a full day of work and the quinceañera might have the need to stop to eat something. It is more likely to bring something light, so he did not fall ill or decomposed by the heat of Cuba. Similarly, if you want to bring a lunch, they can do it. It is very important not to forget to bring water or soda, because it will be a long day and usually, in our country is essential to drink fluids constantly.

17) What I can go outside?
In Havana you can decide which places you want to go. You can ask yourself a tour where you include 2 or 3 sites that are on your taste and also maintain a logical route. With this figure, you percatarás that have many different photos. It is important that you choose places that can be exploited in time to create the pictures. If you do not know or you’re not sure what you want, you can ask tips and advice to your photographer; he will gladly help.

18) Can I have photos outside outside Havana?
There is an offer that allows you realizarte photos outside Havana (or Varadero Moca). For this you must pay a total of 150 additional cuc to hiring you have. To have this option, you must hire an offer, minimum 36 photos, and you must keep in mind that all your photos will travel is made. Many customers take as their choice to hire an offer of studio and outdoor Havana and another offer to outside.

19) Transport for taking pictures outdoors so you get?
In all offers family must ensure transportation. In the car will go photographer and stylist of our study. If hiring Making Off, should consider more space for the cameraman.

20) If I do not have transportation I can suggest one?
In this case function as facilitators, not as intermediaries. We offer several people contacts that provide this service and you agree with them.

21) How many people can accompany me in the photo shoot?
You must come with increased passenger of 21 years and women is to help you to change your clothes and be at your side at all times. We recommend that day this companion just come, the rest of the people who come must wait in the portal and may feel uncomfortable during the duration of the shoot.

22) And at the time of the selection, how many companions can I have?
At the time of selecting only one companion will be admitted to the quinceañera.

23) quinceañeras costumes have to be paid?
No, within the range that you contract have included a certain amount of costumes, and you can choose from those in the study. If you want to get some extra costume that you have included, you will have to pay extra 10 cuc per suit.

24) What suits have in the studio?
All our costumes are Quinceanera Colection.

25) Can I bring my own suit?
If you want you can bring. In this case you need to replace one of our suits for yours or if you prefer, substitute a change of clothes for the suit.

26) What clothes should I bring to my picture?
The main thing is to be varied. The clothes you choose should be of your taste and style. Also, keep in mind that many things that you might think are too striking to go outside, it looks good in photos.

27) If I do not want my picture with all the outfits that touch me I can exchange them for clothes?
You can do it, so you will need to have the amount of clothes you have included in your offer and that amount would be changes of clothing adicionarías to it.

28) Can I get some outfit outside?
You can take one of the suits for outdoor selections. This will be provided, not a suit of a very fragile fabric (tulle or horganza) or a place where the suit, whatever, can be damaged. Should select the costumes and the route taking into account these points.

29) In the study ensure changes clothes?
In our study we guarantee costumes and accessories, clothing must bring the quinceanera to your taste and measure.

30) How should come prepared the girl for picture day?
It should come with a pre-mold hair (rolos or tourniquet). The fingernails and feet must be arranged, as simple as possible for you to combine with everything you wear. Eyebrows should be removed a week before and the day before the photos should be performed retouching.

31) What mold looks better: rolos or tourniquet?
This decision is determined by your taste. Usually, current quinceañeras prefer not rolos tourniquet. From the two molds stylists work for both suits, and for street clothes.

32) Should I bring my makeup?
It is not necessary, because our stylists have all the equipment indispensable to achieve the desired effect. If you use a specific makeup line, you’re allergic or simply want to bring something special, you can bring your personal make-up items.

33) Can I take photos in the studio with my mobile or personal camera?
In our study it is not allowed to take photos, take off the photographer. In the exterior, you’ll take with your camera phone or personal, as many photos as you like, without interrupting or hindering the dynamics of the photographer’s work.

34) Can I get family photos?
Yes you can retratarte with your family. In this case, you must previously inform the photographer, with the aim of coordinating at what time and place they want to take the photo, either in studio or outdoors. You must keep in mind that your family will enter the studio at the time necessary to take the picture, and then concluded, they should withdraw, leaving only companion with you.

35) Can I hire an initial offer and the day of the shoot or the selection of my photos, make a change?
There is no problem if at the time of the shoot you want to make a change of supply, either to increase or to decrease the initial recruitment, you only need to pay the difference between the initial supply and change, in the first case, or subtracting, in the second. If the change is made at the time of the selection, if it is to increase supply, you only need to pay the difference of money between an offer and another, otherwise, if it is to fall, it will have an additional cost correspondence with the case, because the wages have been paid to the photographer, stylist and secretary taking into account the initial package.

36) If you would like to postpone or advance the day of the shoot, I can do?
You can change your start date if you wish hired a first time without any inconvenience. If you need to change the date on a second occasion, you must pay half the money the contract.
37) Can I pay the photos from the outside?

Yes, you can pay via PayPal or credit or debit card, and choose whether you want to pay only the guarantee of the contract or if you prefer to pay the offer in full. To do this, you should consult our website and then contact our study, in order to separate the date, using a pre-booking.

38) In your study underwater photos made?
If we take pictures underwater.

39) Can I add an additional hiring but not have it in my original contract?
If you can do. Additional contracts that can determine them at the time of selection (extras photos, additional pages, or 3D acrylic covers, etc.), others need to communicate in advance, as the case Making Off, as they must hire the cameraman. The case of the magazine, can be incorporated at any time.

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